Guest Post: Chicken southern fried home-style on the cook a la Sukant Chandan

"Health (soul and spiritual well being), good healthy eating, exercise and happiness is what Liberation is, no? "
Sukant Chandan

I am proud to have Sukant Chandan guest recipe on my blog today.
He is one of people who inspired me.
Sukant is one  who commit to something bigger than themselves and who give more to the world than they take. 
He is one  who dare to dream and have the grit and determination to see those dreams through, regardless of the many hard days along the way.

Thank you Sukant Chandan.

                       Chicken southern fried home-style on the cook 
a la Sukant Chandan

Chicken southern fried home-style on the cook! (Sorry veggies). Gonna be served with home made coleslaw. Total price £14, will feed at least 4people, and with nearly half of bought ingredients left over.

Chicken southern fried home-style on the cook  a la Sukant Chandan

Result of lunchtime cooking at work assisting a male colleague to learn cooking:

Southern fried very easy
 -  to taste (serves roughly 4) half kilo of chicken breast into strips,
 -  dipped in mixtures of powdered paprika, red chilli, basil, thyme, oregano, black peppe, then dipped into butter milk (equal parts greek yogurt and full fat milk), 
 - and then dipped into flour (wholemeal chappati flour is great for this), shallow fry until cooked. 

 red cabbage, beetrrot, carrots, red onion sliced very thin and long, equal parts greek yogurt and mayo, teaspoon of mustard, juice of two lime and/or lemons (possibly red/white wine vinegar). 
Also fennel and/or apple and/or pineapple is great. Experiment! 

All ingredients were bought, cos no more than £14, feeds at least 4. Loads of stuff left over, so really around a tenner.
Chicken southern fried home-style on the cook  a la Sukant Chandan

Sons of Malcolm is place wwhere you can meet Sukant

Who is Sukant Chandan?

Hi, my name is Sukant Chandan.  I'm 32 years old.  I was born in Chandigarh in North India, in Punjab, in April 1978.  I always say, teasingly to my parents, they brought me here, in the winter of 1981 without my consent, at the age of three and a half. . . . 

I remember being on the flight to this country, in '81, in Christmas, arriving at Heathrow Airport, and seeing this snow-covered land.  Snow is called barf in our language and sweets are called barfi, and snow looks like some Indian sweets, we have Indian sweets that look like white snow.
So I thought: Wow, sweets everywhere, I'm so lucky to come to this country in a way.  But when I tasted the snow, I realized it didn't taste very good.  That may be a little story that sums up a lot of experiences of people who come to this country. . . . 

Read story on MRzine 


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