Fashion: Necklace Styles

A necklace silhouette that gives the impression of a bib, by draping fringe effects of stones or beads.

 A braided leather loop worn about the neck and adorned with a slide, (an ornament of silver, stone or other material fastened so that it slides up under the chin), leaving the two leather ends hanging. This can be adapted to fit the description if the necklace is a chain with a slide that moves and the two ends of the chain are dangling down .

A metal chain with rectangular links of folded metal, each of which looks like a little book.

Self explanatory.

A type of necklace that fits tightly around the neck. Chokers are from 14" to 16" in length.

A type of tight fitting necklace like a choker.

 A short necklace with flowing or draped ornaments in front, in addition to the jewels of the necklace itself.

A necklace of identical or graduated plaques joined by swagged chains,usually three or more. An en esclavage necklace consists of strands, often pearl. The top strands are shorter than the longer bottom strands. This creates a gap or separation in the middle that shows off the skin. The en esclavage is worn exclusively by women.

A garland of chain or chains decorated with ornamental drops or pendants which lay on a curve.

An ornamental border that hangs or dangles from a necklace.

Necklace with open decorated ends that are looped or knotted instead of clasped. Can also have a center ornament to hold the necklace together. Long beaded necklace with a tassel at each end and you can fold it over at the neck.

A lavalier consists of smaller stones making up the necklace and a single larger stone that hangs from the front.

A locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a place for a picture or etc.

22 inches.

A type of pendant or necklace with two drops suspended unevenly. A pair of pendant drops suspended from unequal lengths of fine chain, usually joined to a small gem-set plaque.

30 inches.

Articulated row of graduated gemstones or pastes terminating in a tapered pointed drop; grouping of pampilles also called aiguillettes.

An ornament or charm that hangs from a cord or chain worn around the neck.

18 inches.

A short necklace of graduated gemstones, usually diamonds, in linked collet settings.Riviere - a choker type necklace made of a continuous line of gemstones. The stones are either of strictly graduated sizes with a large center stone or are all of equal size.

60 inches.

A long necklace or neckchain, strand of pearls or beads, often terminating in a tassel or pendant.

Large, usually triangular, bodice ornament.

The multistrands of the necklace are meeting together at both ends. You can twist the strands to create texture and volume or wear the strands loose.

This style gets its name from its shape which features its own delicate dangle forming a Y-shape around the neck. Usually 16 to 18 inches in length.

Some definitions courtesy of Christie Romero

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