Fashion: Handbag Styles

Can a woman ever have enough purses and bags? Many will claim that the answer is no, and yet a majority of girls and women tend to use the same bag or two repeatedly until they practically fall apart. That’s because, while trends come and go, classic shapes and styles will always remain in vogue (and, for that matter, Vogue).

Make up: Eyes shapes

For wide set eyes
Apply the eyeliner on your upper and lower lid from the inner corner of the eyes working your way towards the outer third of the eye. Use a lighter color eyeliner to line the outer corner of the eye if you desire. This method will create a visual effect which will make your eyes appear closer together.

Hairstyle: Apsolutely the best! Quick and easy hair tutorials [DIY]

Lillie The Dark Moon Channel if you want to be chic every day, or in some special days.

High ponytail with extensions and easy party bun updo hairstyles for medium long hair

I do it [totaly] alone with this two tutorials! [for my wedding]

On my Wedding dinner -  bun DIY

Hairstyle: Daily Korean bun [sweet & easy]

Simple way to create a Korean, Zipia model inspired poofy bun. This can be seen on many internet models and Korean celebrities and is actually very simple to create once you know how it is done. It's a great way to throw your hair up if you're having a bad hair day but still want your hair to look perfect and well put together.

Grčka jela: Krompir salata

Krompir [pola kg]
Sirće [2 - 3  kašike]
kriška limuna
luk crveni [1 glavica]
maslinovo ulje [5 kašika]
biber [pola kašičice]
so [1 kašičica]
peršun [pola kašičice]
origano [ pola kašilice]
majonez [1.5 kašičica ]
voda [ po potrebi do 1 čaše]

Recept: Rendane pohovane tikvice

Gotove pohovane tikvice

solja je od 250ml
2 solje brasna
1 prasak za pecivo
2 solje izrendanih tikvica (da je solja dobro natrpana)
1 i po soljakuvanog kukuruza (zrna)
2 jaja
1 solja mleka
1/4 solje istopljenog putera
1 solja rendanog tvrdog zutog sira
kasicica secera
pola kasicice kima u prahu
kasicica soli
 malo biber [ja nisam stavljala]
ulje za przenje

Recept: Socna piletina u Marinadi od pavalke

Piletina u marinadi od pavlake,m recept
Piletina u marinadi od pavlake

Piletina u marinadi od pavlake
[Pravljeno juce smazano za 10 minuta ]

Style: Turquoise

Turquoise is known as stone of happiness. The gem heals troubled relationships, eliminates the anger from both sides, makes peace in a family, calms a manager's tension.

The word "turquoise" comes from a Persian word "firuza" which means the stone of happiness.

Beautiful turquoise with flower necklace

Traveling: Greece Islands, Crete, Hersonissos

A video presentation of Hersonissos, Crete. A major tourist attraction in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Production Municipality of Hersonissos, written and directed by Manolis Sfakianakis.

Serbia S.O.S.: Discover Serbia: Special Natures Reserve Uvac

Serbia S.O.S.: Discover Serbia: Special Natures Reserve Uvac: River Uvac canyon "Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is a Ist category protected natural asset. The surrounding is characterised by karst surface with numerous karst formations: karst plains, karst depressions, karst sinkholes, rock shelters, caves and potholes.Caves are numerous and vary in size, ranging from rock shelters to  Usak Cave System, the largest known cave system in Serbia (6185 м). Caves are very rich in speleothem deposited by the action of dripping water to form stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, transparent needles etc.

Music: Voice of Angel, Divna Ljubojevic

Serbia S.O.S.: Divna Ljubojevic: Divna Ljubojevic was born in Belgrade in 1970. Her remarkable voice was first recognized in early childhood by Mother Agnija ...

Fashion: Shoes Trends 2012. spring / summer

Christian Louboutin colection spring summer 2012
by Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin presented a fabulous shoe collection for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season

Fashion: Bracelet Accessories Trends 2012

Oscars Jewelry Trend 2012
Bracelet is an integral part of jewelry that is in fact a wrapping piece around the wrist or ankle usually. Bracelets’ history is too old as we see that the use of bracelets was very common in ancient times. In historical times, people used to wear these items but the style was different unlike that of today’s. People of past eras created the bracelets by using wood; bones of animals and stones etc.

Traveling: Sopocani monastery

 The Sopoćani monastery (Serbian Cyrillic: Сопоћани), an endowment of King Stefan Uroš I of Serbia, was built in the second half of the 13th century, near the source of the Raška River in the region of Ras, the centre of the Serbian medieval state. It is a designated World Heritage Site, added in 1979 with Stari Ras .

Rad more Serbia S.O.S.: Sopoćani monastery


Srbija:tradicionalni vez
Srbija: tradicionalni vez @ Mira Vijuc

U toplim letnjim daninma hleb ne treba uvijati u platneni salvet ili jos gore, stavljeti u polietilensku vrecicu sto mnogi cine. Tako cuvan hleb vrlo brzo uplesnivi. Najbolje je cuvati ga u metalnoj kutiji sa rupicama na poklopcu.

Recept: Brokoli zapecen u rerni

Recept: Brokoli zapecen u rerni
Recept: Brokoli zapecen u rerni

2 glavice Brokolija
4 jaja
1 solja mleka [veca kafena]
1½ soje kiselog mleka [veca kafena]
200 gr rendanog kackavalja [ manje ili vise po zelji]
2 kasike brasna
1 kasicica soli [za vodu]
½ kasicice soli za smesu
Puter za premazivanje
4 ili vise pracica slanine [ pozelji, ali moze i bez slanine]
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