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Can a woman ever have enough purses and bags? Many will claim that the answer is no, and yet a majority of girls and women tend to use the same bag or two repeatedly until they practically fall apart. That’s because, while trends come and go, classic shapes and styles will always remain in vogue (and, for that matter, Vogue).

Satchels, hobos, duffel, tote, clutch…with so many different styles of bags nowadays, how to differentiate these handbags? It can be pretty confusing when we are trying to get a specific type of bag but don’t know the exact purse lingo for it.

Modern day bags have evolved into practical stylish bags that every woman on the go needs. These bags have been designed with the intention for woman at work, leisure, babysitting, holidaying, business functions in mind. This was different from the previous era where woman are more confined to their homes.

Choosing a suitable handbag to complement a woman’s appearance and occasion is important. The right fashionable handbag that a woman carries can make a woman looks classy, sophisticated and pretty.[1]

Hobo Handbags
Hobo handbags are a particular type of handbag which is worn as a shoulder bag. This type of bag features a single shoulder strap which is used to wear the bag. The hobo bag usually features a crescent like shape but this may be less noticeable with larger hobo handbags.
The shape of the hobo bag typically goes undefinable when the bag sits down due to the soft materials that are typically used to make this type of bag.

Hobo handbags are very convenient for the fact that they are usually sized large enough to store anything you may need to. The shoulder strap is also usually long enough that it can be worn on the opposite shoulder.
This means that you could turn the hobo handbag into a type of crossbody bag. It is a great feature which allows for the bag to be more versatile, safe to wear, and makes it more fashionable as well.
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo Bag – “Flash Leola”
Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo Bag – “Flash Leola”
Tote Handbags
The tote handbag is a very popular choice of handbag style. It features many similarities to the hobo bag but has some differences as well.
Just like the hobo handbag, tote handbags are larger and can store quite a bit of stuff. The major difference would be that the design of tote handbags prevents them from looking bulky when you have a lot of stuff stored in the bag. The lining of most tote bags is relatively squared and creates a very sleek appeal that prevents the bag from looking bulky even when it is full.

Another common feature of the tote handbag which makes it ideal is that the bag is usually not enclosed. This means that there is no need to go through the hassle of opening up, unzipping, and making your way to the inside of the bag.
The design of tote handbags will vary by model.
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Handbag styles Tote
Tote Handbag Photo by Purse Page
Satchel Handbags
A satchel handbag is a type of fashion bag that is often worn the same as a crossbody bag. Typically, the satchel handbag will feature a strap which is worn on the shoulder and the bag will sit on the opposite side of the body, on the hip of the wearer.
The satchel handbag is similar to a briefcase but satchel handbags feature soft sides while briefcases have harder sides. Additionally, an obvious difference between the two would be that most satchel bags feature straps and this is not common with briefcases.

Satchel handbags offer many convenient features and characteristics that make it a very beneficial type of bag to use. This particular type of handbag is an especially good choice for a bag that is intended to be used on a daily basis. It can cater to both men and women and works fashionably for all ages. It also goes well with most outfits but the fashion effects will vary by bag.

The satchel handbag can be carried in two different ways. You could either carry it in your handles with the handles that are attached to the bag or sit it on your shoulder with the straps that are available. This is a great feature as it allows you to use your satchel handbag in any environment and quick access to the bag is always possible.
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Satchel handbags
Satchel handbags
Clutch Handbags
There are many different styles of purses in today’s modern fashions, but one in particular deserves special recognition as it is always in demand: clutch handbags. Clutch handbags are revered for their small size, making them lightweight, easy to carry, and the perfect accent piece for a special ensemble or night out.
 They may come with detachable shoulder chains allowing users to carry the clutch with their hand gripping the top or wearing it slung over their shoulder. Available in a rainbow of colors and crafted from numerous materials, every woman can find a clutch purse that will add a certain charm and elegance to her wardrobe.
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Clutch Handbag
Clutch Handbag by Privileged Club
Crossbody Bags
It can get very costly and complicated to have multiple handbags for different situations or wardrobes. It is highly recommended that you consider a compromise of sort and choose a bag which meets all your needs and is still fashionable.
The crossbody bags are a great example of this as they provide enough size, style, and convenience to suit everyone’s needs.

The Fashion Statement of a Crossbody Bag
Most other types of handbags will sit on a single shoulder and hang straight down. This is an overly common design that is rarely disputed. However, the crossbody bag features a cross-body design which creates a new handbag style. This particular style is very appealing and can be used excellently with casual wear and business wear alike.
The crossbody bag can be used for many purposes, such as to serve as a type of fashionable diaper and to wear for certain special occasions or events.

The Design and Style of a Crossbody Bag
There are many different choices available for designs and styles of crossbody bags. The major difference with this type of bag is that the straps sit on the opposite shoulder of where the bag falls. The bag itself will feature the same concepts as standard handbags. 
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Crossbody Bags
Crossbody Bags photo
Messenger Bags
The messenger bag is a type of handbag which originates from the crossbody style of handbag which is commonly used by couriers. It has grown to become a very popular style of handbag for both men and women. In today’s fashion world the messenger bag is not only seen for its convenience but for the stylish appeal that it offers as well.
As a result, there are many designers that have created lines of fashion messenger bags which have really caught on and started to trend with handbag enthusiasts.

There are many convenient features of the messenger bag. First off, it is larger than the typical handbag which allows you to store more and heavier contents.
The bag can also be worn either on the front or back to decrease stress load when wearing the bag with heavy contents in it. These bags also feature strong straps which provide great support and comfort when wearing the bag. Some messenger bags even feature padded straps which provide additional comfort when wearing the bag
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Messenger Handbag
Messenger Handbag
Full Flap Handbags
Full flap handbags are revered for their ease of use and locking mechanisms that make them secure choices. These purses may have solid front pieces or a strap that extends over the face of the flap then snaps to secure the bag. Full flap handbags have a chic appearance and often the buckle or strap becomes an intricate part of the overall purse design.
While some purses have a flap without any detail or design work, others may have fanciful stitching that gives the purse extra contouring and contrast. You will find full flap handbags in a wide array of sizes ranging from small clutches to oversize totes.

When choosing full flap handbags check to see how many pockets the purse contains. Though these purses do not have zipper tops, they often have additional pockets located in places such as on the back or inconspicuously placed under the top flap.

Those selecting full flap handbags may wish to take into consideration the length of the purse as there are many that come with adjustable straps. The ability to adjust the strap ensure that you can customize the purse to fit your body perfectly. It is recommended that purses rest gently against the hip as this ensures that the back will not become overly strained and that the purse is visually appealing.
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Full Flap Handbags
Full Flap Handbags
Backpack Handbags
Backpack handbags are a type of item that can be used as a typical handbag or worn as a backpack. 

Remember, selecting the right type of bag for the occasion should be a priority. If you are going to buy backpack handbags for everyday use, and every day you have lots to carry with you, choosing a tougher and larger bag might be more advantageous. If you are more on portability and style, a more lightweight handbag should be your choice.
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Backpack handbags
Backpack handbags  Photo by D Fashion Idea
Retro Handbags
Retro handbags are a very good choice of handbag if you are looking to make a fashion statement. This is due to the fact that retro handbags always look good, and the fact that they are retro means that they are not very common.
This means that having a retro handbag is one way of making a fashion statement; you are more likely to stand out from the crowd when you are sporting a retro handbag than when you have one that is newer. For this reason, it’s a very good idea for everyone to have some sort of retro handbag in their closet for those special occasions when they want to feel special.
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Retro handbags
The Psychology behind the Handbag & Purse
Some psychologists think that the way a woman carries her bag is characteristic. The term "bagology" was coined in a 1940’s newspaper article on handbags that attempted to explain he science t men. The article claimed that, the way a woman carriers her purse tells a lot about her.

Handbags do say a lot about a woman .Just as you can tell a lot about a person from their clothing, you can also tell a lot about a person simply from the handbags they carry.
Below is a perceptive, though not scientific observation from Cathy Feldman on the website

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Balenciaga City Bags
Balenciaga City Bags 

Balenciaga City Bags
Balenciaga City Bags


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[2] Classic Handbags:


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