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Oscars Jewelry Trend 2012
Bracelet is an integral part of jewelry that is in fact a wrapping piece around the wrist or ankle usually. Bracelets’ history is too old as we see that the use of bracelets was very common in ancient times. In historical times, people used to wear these items but the style was different unlike that of today’s. People of past eras created the bracelets by using wood; bones of animals and stones etc.

Paris Fashion Week Street Style Bracelets Collection
With the passage of time, it started to become a fashion among people to wear bracelets for ornamental purposes that associate to the style of wearer. Bracelets of today’s era are extremely stylish, elegant, glamorous and trendy. Various materials are used to create new designs of bracelets like different metals, gemstones, plastic, beads, pearls, shells, diamonds and glass crystal etc. These materials are the basic stuff to give rise the various styles and designs. Too many designs and styles are available in bracelet collections 2012.

by Staced Braclets 

Romantic Summer 
Bracelet fashion is very popular among people nowadays. College going girls, teens and other women like to wear bracelets but everyone wants to try a newer style than before every time!
Women like to wear trendy clothes and look for new styles every season, to complement the style of the clothing accessories that may be required to support the appearance that looks graceful and charming.
Paris Fashion Week Street Style Bracelets Collection
Paris Fashion Week Street Style Bracelets Collection 

Golden color of Bracelets
Since gold is one of the stars of fashion 2012, this color can also be combined with other colors seen very much alive in the bracelets, giving life to many of the sets.

Purpple Summer 
The purple is a color that has much to offer and even more in fashion 2012, which also adopt the bracelets is ideal, and even more if you play with the different ranges we have available.
Staced Bracelets by History of Bracelets 
Stacked bracelets are so voguish and trendy in coming days. These bracelets are composed up of more than one pieces usually. Different designs of bracelets are compiled in such way that these are stacked upon each other. There is a diverse collection of stack bracelets that is in high demand for 2012.

Exactly when someone first discovered that tying a vine around the wrist made a pretty decoration isn't known, but people have worn bracelets for centuries. The best artisans of many cultures applied their skills to the bracelet designs still worn today. This history lesson starts with a basic definition: The English word "bracelet" is derived from the Latin word "brachium," which simply means "arm."

Short History of Bracelets

The earliest known bracelets hark back to 2500 BC, worn by the ancient Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamia. Bracelets, along with other jewelry like anklets, earrings, necklaces, and rings, were worn by the women to show off the wealth of their husbands. As such, they were a symbol of status - much like some jewelry is to this day. They often had religious connotations in addition to the perception of wealth and adornment. Bracelets were enjoyed for many centuries after this time but emerged as highly coveted pieces of jewelry in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC.

Tribal Summer  by Staced Braclets   

However, bracelets became increasingly popular with men during Grecian times - soldiers wore defensive bands of leather often decorated with gold, silver, and other gemstones on their forearms. They were called Bracels, from the Latin term for arm, "Brachium". The Grecian women realized that these accessories would look good on them, so they began wearing smaller versions - called Bracel-ets. The idea took favor and the fashion spread far and wide.

Bracelets by Ice
The history of bracelets spans ages, reaching up to the present time. They have been crafted from different materials, and have always been popular - bracelets have varied according to dress styles and, of course,dictated by fashion. Bracelets are worn by men and women alike today, and bracelets today are not only of traditional materials, but also of acrylics and modern plastics. They make for trendy, unique items of jewelry. Some bracelets are also crafted from metals like titanium and zirconium, which have become popular because of their lightness and hypoallergenic properties. [1]
Hand Made Bracelets 
Floral settings look much elegant and sophisticated while applied in bracelet designs. Various floral designs are applied in the latest collections of bracelets that shows that floral design bracelets would go rocking around in 2012! This trend is accompanied with metal trends mainly. [2]


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