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Turquoise is known as stone of happiness. The gem heals troubled relationships, eliminates the anger from both sides, makes peace in a family, calms a manager's tension.

The word "turquoise" comes from a Persian word "firuza" which means the stone of happiness.

Beautiful turquoise with flower necklace

The gem's color may vary from sky blue to green with blue or gray shade. Throughout the stone's life it changes its color and energy. A green Turquoise is a mineral of those who reached their goals.

 Turquoise blue hoop earrings
This stone enhances your intuition, brings you courage, happiness, peace in your family and make you open-minded. A blue Turquoise is a stone of a strong energy. A light blue Turquoise is a symbol of spirituality and fights evil.

Turquoise chandelier earrings beaded woven

It is said that people who struggle from insomnia, should wear Turquoise encased in silver. Since olden days people thought that if you wear Turquoise as a charm it will stop bleedings, heals the stomach ulcer and liver problems. The stone encased in gold normalize all the processes in a person's body and increase the immune system.

 Copper Circles and Turquoise Artisan Wire Wrapped Necklace

Turquoise is a stone for fighters, leaders, brave and independent people.
Shimmering Chic Hand Knitted Luxurious NecklaceTurquoise is also worn as a talisman to attract love, luck, wealth. An old wise tale said that if you are a traveler you have to take Turquoise with you. It will protect you from danger and make your trip pleasant and easy.

Story by Irina (BeautyLand)
Translated by Aleksadra (AleksandraRoo)

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